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Superdownhome is 

Beppe Facchetti und Henry Sauda sind seit 2016 Superdownhome. Ein Duo das mit beiden Beinen fest im Blues verwurzelt ist.

Ihr Blues ist, wie eine typische Italienische Pizza, garniert mit allerlei Zutaten wie Country Blues-Rock’n’Roll – Folk - Blues Rock - Blues und auch eine kleine Prise Punk ist dabei.

Wenn Seasick Steve und Scott H.Biram als Inspiration genannt werden, ist das sicher eine sehr gute Grundlage. Wenn dann noch gestandene Blueser wie Charlie Musselwhite, Mark Feltham und Popa Chubby als Gastmusiker auf ihren Alben mitwirken, dann bekommt man eine Ahnung von der Qualitär dieses Duo’s. Es war nur eine Frage der Zeit, das sie mit Popa Chubby durch Europa tourten und auch den 2-Fachen Grammy Gewinner Fantastic Negrito haben sie auf seiner Tour begleitetet. In 2020 wurden sie von Samantha Fish zu ihrem Cigar Box Festival nach New Orleans eingeladen und auch dort, in der Heimat des Jazz & Blues, konnten sie das Publikum überzeugen.

Lange Rede kurzer Sinn: Italien hat nicht nur Pizza,Nudeln und Wein zu bieten, sondern auch Blues der Extraklasse.

Beppe Facchetti and Henry Sauda have been Superdownhome since 2016. A duo dedicated to the blues. Their blues is, like a typical Italian pizza, garnished with all sorts of ingredients such as country blues-rock'n'roll-folk-blues rock-blues and a little dash of punk.

When Seasick Steve and Scott H. Biram are named as inspiration, it is certainly a very good background. When blues men like Charlie Musselwhite, Mark Feltham and Popa Chubby also appear as guest musicians on their albums, then you get an idea of ​​the quality of this duo. It was only a matter of time before they toured Europe with Popa Chubby and also accompanied the 2-time Grammy winner Fantastic Negrito on his tour. Samantha Fish invited them to her Cigar Box Festival in New Orleans in 2020. They been able to convince the audience in the home of jazz & blues of their kind of blues.

To cut a long story short: Italy not only has pizza, pasta and wine to offer, but also top-class blues.

In June 2020, "Blues Case Scenario" is released by Warner, and in July 2020 “Homework” is released, a single that sees the collaboration with Dennis Greaves and Mark Feltham of Nine Below Zero.
​​At the end of December 2020, Superdownhome signs a contract with the renowned French record label Dixie Frog.
​The new record was released in April 2021: No Balls, No Blues Chips.

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Superdownhome are a duo born in June 2016.
The two decide to collaborate and form a project linked to the traditions of rural blues, but also projected towards personal spaces contaminated by rock’n’roll, country, folk and punk.

​Seasick Steve and Scott H. Biram are the artists they draw inspiration from. Inspired by Seasick Steve they decide to use tools like Cigar Boxes and Diddley Bows. From Scott H. Biram, they adopt the minimal approach and the mix between soft and wild mood.
Between April and October 2017 they release an eponymous EP and a record entitled “Twenty-Four Days”.
“Twenty-Four Days” also sees the contribution of Popa Chubby who agrees to collaborate on two tracks. The album is released physically for Slang Records and digitally for Warner Italia. 

​In February 2018 the duo opens six of the eight concerts of the Italian Popa Chubby tour. Popa Chubby himself also participates in the video for “Stop Breaking Down Blues”, a song by Robert Johnson.

​In May 2019 they released “Get My Demons Straight“, with the production of Popa Chubby, two feat. by Charlie Musselwhite on harmonica and Popa Chubby himself on electric guitar on two tracks while the mastering is by Brian Lucey (The Black Keys - Arctic Monkey - Royal Blood)

​In June 2019 they open all the concerts of Fantastic Negrito Italian tour.

​In November 2019 they are the support band for Popa Chubby’s German tour and in January 2020 they are in the United States for the IBC (International Blues Challenge) and for one of the most renowned CBG festivals, the Samantha Fish Cigar Box Guitar Festival in New Orleans.

​ In June 2020, “Blues Case Scenario” is released by Warner, and in July 2020

​“Homework” is released, a single that sees the collaboration with Dennis Greaves and Mark Feltham of Nine Below Zero.

​In November 2020 - in full pandemic - they manage to get a contract from DixieFrog Records in Paris, one of the most important European blues labels. No Balls, No Blues Chips was released in April 2021 and Blues Pyromaniacs, the new record produced by Anders Osborne, in September 2022.