We at MuddyLives plan and realise your tour.  We have many years experience with bands mostly from the USA but also Australia, Poland and other countries. We book Clubs, Festivals and other Events and venues all over Europe. We deliver Roadmanager, Ground transport, Posters, Flyers, Backline and many other things you might need on your tour. We prepare your contracts, plan the tour and give you a detailed review. Our main operational region is Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland. 
Touring in the past:
Johnny Mastro & Mama's Boys (NOLA), Reverend Paytons Big Damn Band (USA), Whiteboy James & Blues Express (CA), Vasti Jackson (MS)
Cafe R&B (L.A.), Mason Rack Band (AUS),Shane Dwight (TN), Carolyn Wonderland (TX), Ghalia & Mama's Boys (B/USA), The 44's (L.A.),
Nick Moss Band (Chicago), Nick Moss Band feat. Dennis Gruenling (USA), Veldman Brothers (NL), Jason Ricci & the Bad Kind (NOLA),
MuddyLives Blues Festival (2 day Blues Festival) and we have our own venue Blues Club Extra in Muckwar.
On The Road
  CafeRB Vasti Jackson Band backML
Cafe R&B (Grolsch BF),                                                Vasti Jackson (Grolsch BF) ,                                MuddyLives BF Poster
 mason9 ShaneDwight Vasti and me
 Mason Rack (Grolsch BF)                                          Shane Dwight                                               Vasti Jackson
Rev-Peytons big damn band  Roach on the killingfloor  Kid
 Rev. Paytons Big Dam Band                                  Roach, Cafe R&B                      Kid Ramos
Smoke-Jan-Mike-Johnny-Rob  Bernd.Nick bigboys 
 Smoke, Jan,Mike, Johnny & Rob                                                                                   ML & Sugaray Rayford                   
DennisB   JKmw2015 IMG 4488 1
Dennis Jones & ML                                                                      MuddyLives BF 2015                                 Michael Ledbetter
 Middy Sippy Middy Sippy 
                                                                            Ghalia & Mamas Boys
Middy Sippy Middy Sippy
              0ürgen Kerth Band                                                    Carolyn Wonderland  at MuddyLives BF
 the 44s  205433
            Mason Rack Band at MuddyLIves BF                  mit Altered Five Blues Band in Muckwar
                  Two Timer from Poznan (ML Blues Festival)
 Bluesfestival Schoeppingen Sonntag 2016 AD 180 Krakau2
              Jason Ricci & Bad Kind at Grolsch BF                                                      and at Krakau (PL) Bluesroad Festival
 Barry Goldberg signing my vinyl Brauhaus meal
             Barry Goldberg signs my album, Luzern 2019                               Altered Five Vlues Band + Wifes + me, Brauhaus Luzern 2019
 Altered Five Blues Band Ladies Ron und Daniel
Altered Five Blues Band on Top of Pilatus                                                   Ronny & Dani